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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February 7, 2012

Hi all

It's been a few weeks now and we still have not heard about what happened to the widow's in Kakamega.  I got an email from Hezron yesterday on the status and pictures from the Mumias, Kenya orchards.  Again we have lost some and some are doing very well.  We have two plots in Khabukoshe Church, two at the Jerusalem Church, one for the Mumias widow's group, and one at Galilaya Church.  The weather has been abnormally dry causing us some problems.  Many of the dead seedlings are above the graft again.  The only causes that I can think of for this to happen is from improper grafting procedures, damage during handling and/or shipment.  It could also possibly be from removing the grafting plastic wrap too early/late or how it is removed damaging the graft.  So far based on how many have died it looks like we have lost between ten and twenty percent for various reasons.  Some have lost more and some have lost less.  Once I get the total from all the plots we will get an order out to replace all of them.

Here are some of the pictures that Hezron has sent me.  These plots look much better then the first plot in Kakamega at the same time frame in the growth process.  For as many as we are loosing the plants that are surviving look very promising.  Again this is really a heartache for me to be so far away from the little darlings.  It's not like I would need to see them every day but every couple of weeks would satisfy my curiosity. 

Peter at one of the Khabukoshe plots

Mrs. James Tumo at one of the Jerusalem plots

Mrs. Mourice Ometi at the other Jerusalem plot

Another view of one of the Jerusalem plots

I am not sure what plot this is

This is the Mumias widow's plot

Matthew and the Galilaya plot

Hezron also told me that Matthew's motorbike was arrested.  To be clear it was not the motorbike that we provided the loan for.  That motorbike was for Charles.  Anyway I am not sure what Matthew's motorbike did to get arrested but lets pray that Matthew and his motorbike will be reunited soon.  Matthew owns the two furniture shops that I have discussed before and his motorbike is very crucial in keeping his business running.

Hezron ended his email telling me that he was going to go and search for Councilor Bibiana to find out what has happened to the widow's and if anyone is taking care of the second plot that we planted for them.  He will also be heading to Busia to check on those orchards.  Later this week I hope that he will be able to get to Mt. Elgon and check out the seven hundred or so plants we have planted on the side of the mountain.  Mt. Elgon usually gets plenty of rain since it is almost always holding up the clouds from drifting by.  We also need to hear about the other plots in Kakamega that have not been reported on.  Again please pray for our friends in Kenya and the success of these orchards.  

Take care and God bless