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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 29, 2012


It has been a really long time since my last post.  Had a busy last 6 weeks or so.  Made a trip to Minnesota, twice to Delaware, and I just got back from a long hot Memorial Day weekend in Arkansas.  I hope all had a great holiday and are ready for a great summer.  For those that have been reading my blog know that I have a real taste for Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich.  Well I feel compelled to tell you where to get the best fried chicken on the planet.  God is such a wonderful God that he gave us such a perfect bird to eat.  I mean how many different ways to cook and eat chicken.  I even like chicken heart soup.  There almost like meaty mushrooms.  Don't care for the gizzard or liver but some people love them to death.  Now I have had some really nasty chicken but done right it is an awesome tasting bird.  The place is the Chick-A-Dilly in Homer Louisiana.  The skin is fried crispy perfect.  The inside is cooked until it is super hot and super juicy.  I am not sure what the spice is but it is just right.  Not sure what they cook it in but my guess is that it is not healthy.  Best of all it is priced just right.  I ordered a 2pc white with cajun rice and a 3 pc white with fries for a total of nine bucks.  So the next time you are driving by Homer on your way to nowhere stop by for a real treat.

Since my last post it has come to my attention that the passion fruit is starting to regain on some of the plots and hopefully soon I will have some pictures.  I am waiting for some updates from the areas on the status of the orchards.  Once I get a good feel of what is going on I can hopefully plan my trip to Kenya later this summer. 

There was a group from Westview Community Church that went to Maralal Kenya to show the Jesus film to the Samburu people.  Here is a link to their blog please check it out I promise you will find it heart warming.  They are now done with their mission and returning to the states.  The next group to go to Maralal is Olathe Wesleyan Church later next week.  They will be doing some construction work and continuing with the Jesus film.  The group from Westview also had the chance to meet up with some of the children in the Compassion program.  Such a great way to actually see the children you help sponsor in their own environment.

Earlier this month I had an opportunity to spend a few hours with Pastor Ososo in Ft. Wayne Indiana to go over our upcoming plans.  He has told me that the project we help fund last summer is doing very well.  They are about ready to expand the shop and my prayer is that they will continue to expand.  This project was the sim sims and ground nut project.  They have since expanded to eggs, cereals, and are looking to start baking some local treats like mandazi and cookies.  I also believe this local church project would like to start bee keeping and make some honey.

As I get some more reports I will send them your way.

Take care and God bless.