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Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31, 2012 Amsterdam


It has been well over two months since my last blog.  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the upcoming New Year holiday.  The last two months have been pretty hectic for me.  I started a blog in Maralal back in October to finish out my last trip.  It doesn’t make much sense finishing up that blog page since I am on a flight from Philly to Detroit to catch my next flight en route to Nairobi for my next visit.

So far my first flight out of Philly was delayed and I was rebooked on another flight to Detroit that made me miss my connection to Amsterdam.  They then rebooked me on another flight that put me in Detroit 30 minutes before my departure on the last flight of the day to Amsterdam.  I was worried that I would be able to make my flight however I was not so positive about my luggage.  So at the airport I was able to book another flight out of Philly that would put me in Detroit two hours before my flight to Amsterdam.  Then my flight to Detroit at two fifteen was late and after I got on the plane the Captain said that they had hit a bird on landing.  They said there was no damage but the rules said that they had to have a mechanic take a look and certify the plane airworthy.  It’s Sunday and it was possible that the delay could take an hour or two.  Luckily it only took a little over an hour and hopefully my connection time will be more then the original thirty minutes.

This trip will have me spending New Years Day in Nairobi and then meeting up with Ken Black on the second for a journey up to Maralal until the eighth of January.  My plans put me in Nairobi, Western, and possibly Uganda again until the twenty second of January when I return to the states.  I will meet up with the Olathe team in Maralal for a few days to assist with some of the projects they are working on.  I also need to put a decent fix on the desks we made a year and a half ago.  The welds on the flanges did not hold up to well and the pipe threader we used cut to deep into the pipe causing the pipes to break.  The last Olathe team brought over some new flanges from the states and I have brought along some tools to get the job done right (hopefully).

Maybe in the next couple of blogs I will be able to speak to the events of the last couple of months in regards to church based Orphan care and some more details of the micro-finance projects we are working on.  Well we are making our approach to Detroit and I would like to get a post out before I head overseas.

Take care and God bless