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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 34 Kakamega June 11, 2011


Today I spent the day relaxing, took a walk, took a nap, checked the news of the world, and did some more research on passion fruit, fish farming, and NGO’s.  There are so many conflicting sites on how much NPK to feed the passion fruit.  I found one site that says that the soil in Western Kenya and Eastern Uganda really does not need any fertilizer for the first couple of years then only about 100 grams per plant 3 times a year after that.  Another site says up to 1360 grams per plant 4 times a year.  But the vast majority of sites say between 90 and 140 grams per plant 4 times a year.  So I decided to use 110 grams per plant 4 times a year as a budget number.

I found an interesting article online about the farmers switching from maize and other crops to passion fruit.  Here it is.

So instead of me going on about passion fruit check out the link you might find it interesting.  Tomorrow is more research and work on the computer. 

Take care and God bless


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