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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 39 Kakamega June 16, 2011


Not much to write about today so it will be short.  Today I stayed at the guest house and worked on finding an NGO, MFI, or CBO to partner with.  Not having much luck at all.  I send out emails and either no response or it comes back undeliverable.  I make phone calls and I get no answer.  It’s all pretty frustrating but I will keep trying.  I am putting my faith in God that this door will soon open.  We have some leads but I am running out of time.

Mathew has the rest of the support and fence posts done.  Hezron is driving to Mumias tonight in his pick up truck and deliver them to the orchard site.  We are still looking to find the right passion fruit either in Eldoret, Kitale, or Bungoma.  Hopefully we will have an answer from the lady at KARI tomorrow if we can find registered seedlings.  Otherwise the orchard will not be planted until the middle of next month.  I am due to leave Kenya on the 18th of July.  I really would like to have this planted and done before I leave.  I told Hezron this morning that we have to have the proper seedlings and will not accept anything different.

Tomorrow we will be going back to the orchard site to finish putting in the support posts, fence posts, plant markers, guide wire for the vines, and barb wire along the fence line.  Some of the widows will be there and my prayer is that they take ownership of this plot.  It will need to be weeded and watered if there is no rain.  The chemicals need to be added and proper pruning of the vines are very important to maximize the yield.  I am sure that the widows will make this a fruitful venture.

Take care and God bless


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