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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 48 Eldama Ravine June 25, 2011


Well we made it to Happy Acres here in Eldama Ravine safely.  Well it is not really called Happy Acres it is called Sunrise Acres.  The journey lasted about 3 hours from Kakamega.  The resort is run by some AIM Missionaries and is a favorite resort for many missionaries here in Africa.  It reminds me of one of those campsites up in the Pocono’s that we used to go camping at years ago.  It has an above ground swimming pool, mini-golf course, ping pong, playground for the kids, etc.  The cabins are really nice and it is so quite here.  I can see why people love to come here.

Today we spent most of the day sitting around talking about what is going on in Maralal and the opportunities to do some micro-finance there.  There are some real challenges to Maralal but I believe that we will be able to find something to do up there. 

Tomorrow we will leave early in the morning for our long bumpy journey to Maralal.
Take care and God bless


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